Besties BLACKPINK’s Rosé And Actress Kim Go Eun Are Both Jetting Off To Worldwide Schedules, But Their Experiences At Incheon Airport Couldn’t Be More Different

They were both relatable in so many ways!

When it comes to the most unlikely friendships, one duo that has captured the hearts of netizens in the past year is BLACKPINK‘s Rosé and actress Kim Go Eun. Even though one is an idol and the other an actress, the two sparked a beautiful friendship.

BLACKPINK’s Rosé | @roses_are_rosie/Instagram
Actress Kim Go Eun | @ggonekim/Instagram

Kim Go Eun and Rosé met on the JTBC variety show Sea of Hope, where they had some of the most wholesome interactions.

Even after the show ended, they showed off their amazing friendship with fans on social media.

| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram
| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

Both Rosé and Kim Go Eun recently went to Incheon Airport for their different schedules. As expected, arriving at the airport, both Rosé and Kim Go Eun looked absolutely flawless.

Rosé was representing Yves Saint Laurent with a statement bag and teamed it with a more simplistic and sophisticated outfit which was all black. She definitely seemed like someone ready to hit the catwalks of Paris.

Kim Go Eun looked equally as beautiful but went for a brighter and more casual outfit. Dressed in blue jeans and a light blue shirt, the actress looked ready to enjoy some time relaxing during her schedule abroad.

Despite being close friends, netizens couldn’t get over just how different they were at the airport.

Both Rosé and Kim Go Eun looked amazing when getting out of their cars and made sure to greet fans and the media waiting for them.

However, when inside the airport, the two celebrities couldn’t have been more different. While walking through Incheon Airport, Rosé seemed to epitomize elegance and grace as she took to the venue like a model, effortlessly and fabulously.

Although just as beautiful, it seems like Kim Go Eun was on more of a strict time schedule or might have been running late. Although she started moving effortlessly through the airport…

After getting her ticket, she quickly started running to make her way to the plane on time. Yet, while the reporters were worried about her safety, the actress also made sure that the media were safe as she started running through the airport.

When the clips were put side by side, netizens couldn’t get over the difference between the two despite the fact that they are friends.

Hopefully, netizens get more interactions from the duo when they are in Paris. Rosé and Kim Go Eun have always had the sweetest friendship and even though they seem completely different, their connection is the cutest thing ever.

Source: @jennievvvv, Newsen and Newsen


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