BLACKPINK’s Rosé Just Gave A Tiffany & Co Birthday Gift To Her Sister Alice—And They’re Totally Sibling Goals

Alice’s message to Rosé was the sweetest!

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé and her older sister, Alice, are the siblings we all want to have!

BLACKPINK’s Rosé and her older sister Alice | @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

Alice recently posted a sweet message to the BLACKPINK singer on her Instagram Stories. She shared a photo of the gift that she just received from Rosé: jewelry from the luxury brand Tiffany & Co.

| @baebaealice/Instagram

Alice expressed her surprise at the gift considering that her little sister already gave her a present for her 28th birthday last July 13. She was thankful that Rosé always “hopes and prays” for her happiness and shows it through her actions as well.

Emotional security leveled up – someone important in my life hopes and prays for my happiness every day…and being reminded of this in manuscript bold block letters!

Thought I’d received my bday present already but spoilt yet again…thanks Rosie! The HardWear is seriously to die for…✨

— Alice

Alice | @baebaealice/Instagram

Rosé was officially named the brand ambassador of Tiffany & Co last April. Her role began with promoting the brand’s HardWear line, the collection where the gift comes from.

| Tiffany & Co.

This isn’t the first time Alice was gifted jewelry from her sister. She was previously given a matching puzzle piece necklace which they both posted about on their Instagram accounts.

On Alice’s 27th birthday last year, Rosé even sent a handwritten letter where she called Alice “the best sister in the world” as well as her “favorite person.” A gorgeous bouquet of flowers arrived with the sweet note.

Dear my Love, Alice,

Happy birthday Ally. I hope you have the happiest birthday this year and I pray that this year is filled with only happiness and laughter ❤️ You’re the best sister in the world and funny thing is that I mentioned this to someone just then but you’re my favorite person in the world (secret to Mum and Dad) lol.

I love you Ally and I hope I can be the best little sister you could ever have. Let’s celebrate your Australian age.


Love, Rosie.

— Rosé’s birthday greeting to Alice in 2020

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