BLACKPINK’s Rosé Asks Fans To Help Save Australia By Donating

“Please help save my home country.”

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé is asking fans for their assistance.

On January 9, Rosé uploaded a post via Instagram about the Australian bushfires that are wreaking havoc all across the country. She uplaoded a few pictures of affected animals and a burning building, and in the caption, asked fans for their help in saving her home by donating whatever amount they can, in support of firemen and animal rescue organizations.


It breaks my heart to see this. Australia is on fire and it has been for too long now. I am heartbroken for the people and homes suffering from the fires and the millions of innocent and beautiful wildlife creatures that are injured and dying right now.

Australia is a place that I grew up in and I am so sad to see this happen to a beautiful country. I will try my best to support and to my fans, please visit any of these links to see if you can help:

@nswrfs @redcrossau @salvosau @vinniesnsw @wireswildfirescue @wwf

Every page should have a link in the bio that leads to a website so you can help. We can make a difference if we all join in.

Please help to save my home country.



Australia is undergoing their annual bushfire season, but this year’s bushfires have been extremely dangerous and out of control, and is termed one of their worst bushfires in history.

Earlier this week, Jay Park also announced that he would be donating to Australia’s relief funds, and urged his label mates at AOMG and fans to do the same.


We send our prayers to Australia.