BLACKPINK’s Rosé Calls Her Childhood Dream “Absurd” And Reveals Her Current Dream

Both dreams are meaningful 💕

In a recent interview posted on her newly launched YouTube channel, BLACKPINK‘s Rosé dished on her childhood, her solo debut with “On The Ground,” and her current dreams and aspirations.

Describing her childhood dream as “absurd,” Rosé shared that she once wanted to become a great singer like Beyoncé and Michael Jackson.

My dream? When I was really little, my dreams were very absurd. I really wanted to become a great singer like Beyoncé or Michael Jackson.

— Rosé

Now, however, her dream is simply to be happy wherever she is. At the same time, she wants to have a strong mind and heart.

These days…I guess it’s something everyone wishes for—to always be happy wherever I am with a strong mind and heart.

— Rosé

She related her current dream to the preparations leading up to her solo debut. With happiness always on her mind, she made sure to enjoy every activity no matter how tiring.

While preparing for my solo debut, one thing I always kept in mind is to enjoy every single moment of the process.

— Rosé

Considering how she is now an internationally acclaimed singer, Rosé can count her childhood dream fulfilled! Meanwhile, here’s to hoping she’ll always be happy no matter where she is.

Get to know more about Rosé’s life in the full video below!