BLACKPINK’s Rosé Shares Why She Chose To Debut With “On The Ground” Instead Of Another Song

She talked about her debut song!

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé revealed why she made the decision to debut with “On The Ground”, and not any other song!

| YG Entertainment

Rosé sat down for an interview about her solo debut, and talked about the song and what message she wants people to take from it!

About the decision to go with the song, Rosé revealed that someone had even asked her about why she released “On The Ground” and not another song, and she shared why she decided to go with what she did!

I talked to somebody the other day and they were like, “I’m surprised you’re coming out with a song like this because I kind of expected you to come out with a song that’s more related to love.”

But I think it is a very powerful song and I’m just excited for my fans to hear and get something out of it.


Rosé released her solo album titled -R- and title track “On The Ground” and B-Side track “Gone”.

Watch her talk about the song here!