BLACKPINK’s Rosé Clarifies Whether Her Ideal Type Is Actually Yang Hyun Suk

“Is YG your ideal type?”

On a Weekly Idol episode back in 2016, BLACKPINK‘s Rosé admitted that someone like Yang Hyun Suk was her ideal type.


When she was asked again during a recent radio program whether Yang Hyun Suk was really her ideal type, her answer seemed a little vague…


Although she was making an “O” (yes) sign with her hands, she looked very flustered and made a strange sound that was difficult to tell whether she really meant “yes” or not!


Later, when the host asked Rosé, “So who is your real ideal type?”, she didn’t hesitate for a moment before asking whether it would really be okay to say it.

“My ideal type? Can I really say it?” ㅡ Rosé


Then she went on and confessed that it was none other than actor Gong Yoo. Immediately after saying this, she covered her mouth with her hands as if she were really embarrassed.


Rosé wasn’t the only BLACKPINK member that was obsessed with this star either. Lisa also confessed that Gong Yoo was her ideal type as well.

BLACKPINK’s Rose And Lisa Are Both Obsessed With This Hot Actor


In the end, it seems like Yang Hyun Suk was not exactly Rosé’s ideal type after all! Sorry, Yang Hyun Suk!