BLACKPINK Rosé Confirms She Has Opened A TikTok Account And Promoted Her New Single In The Process

It really is her!

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé has confirmed that she has opened an official TikTok account.

A few days ago, an account called “roses_are_rosies” was opened. Fans doubted whether it was the real her because the clips seemed to be taken from promotional videos!

On March 19 (KST), Rosé took to the account and posted a video titled “it’s really me✨.”


it’s really me✨

♬ On The Ground – 로제 (ROSÉ)

In the video, Rosé appeared on the screen saying, “Hi guys, so this is my real TikTok. Bye.” Many noticed that, after she disappeared off the screen, there was the sound of something falling and a barely audible “ouch.”

Most of the fans commented, making sure she was okay. Some pointed out that the video was the perfect promotion for her new single, “On The Ground.”

  • “She is literally on the ground and gone.”
  • “I think she fell ‘ON THE GROUND.'”
  • “This video describes her song GONE and ON THE GROUND.”

The video was posted 12 hours and has already been watched over 27 million times, and has more than five million likes!