An American Dentist Is Getting Attention For Her Resemblance To BLACKPINK’s Rosé

She’s a BLINK, too!

A dentist is going viral on social media for bearing a resemblance to BLACKPINK‘s Rosé!

Dr. Sarang Choi, a dentist from New Jersey, U.S.A, has been generating quite some buzz after BLINKs on TikTok found her account–and her uncanny resemblance to the singer.

Dr. Sarang Choi. | @sarangdmd/Instagram

Many comments on her posts across her social media platforms highlight their resemblance.

  • “She really is Rosé’s long-lost sister.”
  • “I usually think you’re Rosé every time I see your post without seeing [your] name.”
  • “You look more like Rosé than Rosé herself.”
  • “BLINKs accept you as the second Rosie.”

Dr. Sarang Choi. | @sarangdmd/Instagram

As it turns out, she’s also a huge BLINK and loves Rosé! A video of her dancing to Rosé’s recent solo release, “On The Ground,” while in her dentist chair has accumulated 4.4 million views on TikTok, with nearly 800 thousand likes!

@sarangdmdI haven’t seen a dentist version yet…so here we go🤣 ##dentist ##ontheground♬ On The Ground – 로제 (ROSÉ)

Although she personally doesn’t see the resemblance, she posted a video in which she recreated Rose’s makeup look from her “Gone” music video.

“I’m just a dentist who [has] a passion for makeup,” reads the caption. “It’s always fun recreating makeup looks!”

@sarangdmdI’m just a dentist who a passion for makeup🦷💕 it’s always fun recreating makeup looks!♬ Gone – 로제 (ROSÉ)

What do you think: do they look similar enough to pass off as each other? Either way, both of them are beautiful in their own right!

Rose (left) and Dr. Choi (right). | YG Entertainment & @sarangdmd/Instagram

Source: SAYS