BLACKPINK’s Rosé Gains Attention At The Met After Being Spotted Taking Pictures Of Another A-List Celebrity

“Did Rosé forget she’s a celebrity?” 😂

BLACKPINK is truly one of the biggest groups in the world, and the members are all celebrities. Yet, despite having huge fame, Rosé recently gained attention after momentarily forgetting her celebrity status and becoming a true fangirl.

BLACKPINK’s Rosé | @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

On March 29 (local time), Rosé co-hosted an event at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Unsurprisingly, the idol shined with her unreal visuals and presence as she made her way into the venue, dressed in Tiffany & Co.

Even inside the event and during her speech, Rosé absolutely shined and captured the hearts of everyone who was watching her.

Yet, along with the idol’s beautiful visuals, Rosé gained attention after seemingly forgetting she’s famous and having her own fangirling moment. As expected, Rosé attended the after-party after the event, and it was the perfect way to let off some steam and relax.

In one video, Rosé was seen with her phone looking like she was trying to get a video or photos of someone.

As the camera zoomed to the other side of the room, it showed that Rosé was actually taking photos of artist Anderson .Paak, who was DJ’ing at the event.

When Rosé was back at the center of the video, the idol was seen quickly checking the photos and videos she had taken before chatting to others around her.

After the video was shared, netizens couldn’t get enough of how much fun Rosé was having.

They joked that she was a hilarious fangirl by taking videos of the star rather than going up to him and asking for one with him. Considering BLACKPINK’s star status and Anderson .Paak’s reputation with K-Pop, a photo wouldn’t have been a problem.

Yet, after pictures of the idol signing autographs, it seems like maybe she was just starstruck!

While netizens might have to wait to see if there really was an interaction between the two stars, they loved seeing Rosé have fun and watching artists.

You can read more about the event below.

BLACKPINK’s Rosé Stuns Netizens With Her Princess-Like Visuals At The Met

Source: @artisticrozay/Twitter

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