BLACKPINK’s Rosé Was So Good At Acting In The “Lovesick Girls” Music Video, Fans Want Her Acting Debut Now

She deserves an Oscar.

BLACKPINK released their most emotional music video yet with “Lovesick Girls” on October 2.


Among everyone in the group, Rosé arguably had some of the most intense acting scenes. She had to exemplify two moments in her life: one when she was at the height of a great relationship…

…and one when it was crumbling into pieces. The lyrics of her part, after all, allude to a failing romance.

I don’t care, I’ll do it over and over. I just need you in my life.

— Rosé

Rosé did such a great job that BLINKs all around the world want her to act even more!

She was so good, the Oscars needs to take a close look at her.

BLINKs were definitely affected by her tears.

In the “MV Making Film” that BLACKPINK released on October 3, fans saw that Rosé actually cried while filming. Even after her scene ended, she still had a hard time catching her breath and keeping her tears in check.

He bought the wrong type of pink.

— Rosé

Looking at her parts in “Lovesick Girls”, it’s easy to see why everyone can see her potential!

There was probably no viewer whose heart didn’t clench while looking at Rosé. Everyone could immediately see the pain in her gaze.

She needs to star in a drama now!

If you want to feel the full force of Rosé’s acting skills, check out the full music video below!