BLACKPINK’s Rosé Gushes Over Her Dog, Hank, And Reveals The Story Behind His Adoption

She’s a proud furparent!

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé sat down for a quick interview with Kelly Clarkson where she talked about her music style, her road trip playlist, and more. It was her second United States television appearance as a soloist.

The last thing she touched on was the current apple of her eye, Hank. In his very own dedicated Instagram account, Rosé described him as a “special breed” puppy who was born in 2020.

| @hank_says_hank/Instagram

A producer from The Kelly Clarkson Show asked her about his favorite food, color, and if she can be named his godparent! Rosé laughed and excitedly told the crowd more about her pet.

His favorite food is just any type of dog snack. We give him, like, all these treats. He just likes anything, to be honest. Anything that’s related to eating. And yeah, his favorite color? I have no idea. I’ll ask him that!

— Rosé

Rosé revealed more about Hank’s playful personality. He’s a smart dog who learns tricks quickly, something she couldn’t help but gush over.

Like you said, he does, like, he’s very good with tricks. If I say ‘nose’, he’d go up and like put his nose through my fingers.

— Rosé

The story behind Hank’s adoption was also discussed. Rosé apparently found him online through an adoption advocate, and she immediately knew that he was the dog for her.

I adopted him! So in Korea there’s a bunch of people who upload photos of these puppies who are up for adoption, and they kind of don’t have a home. And so I saw him online and this lovely lady was posting about him, telling people to, you know, adopt, not buy. And I fell in love with him and he’s just so adorable.

— Rosé

Rosé’s definitely a dedicated furparent! In her humble opinion, “Hank is the cutest puppy.”

| @hank_says_hank/Instagram

For more facts about Rosé, check out the full interview below.

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