BLACKPINK’s Rosé Reveals How Lisa Inspired Her To Become A Great Dancer

Talented women motivating each other!

During the latest episode of 24/365 with BLACKPINK, the members had a heart to heart moment about their pre-debut days. It reminded Rosé about the particular time when Lisa inspired her to become a great dancer.

Rosé revealed that she had never danced in her life before joining YG Entertainment. Jennie, who had been a trainee for 2 years already, offered to teach her the basics. The girls laughed as they remembers Rosé not knowing what to do and how they all had to train for months just on the basics of dancing.

Rosé had a bleak outlook on her career path as a dancer but everything changed when she saw Lisa. When she saw how Lisa was such a great dancer, it motivated her to work harder to become just as talented!

I had a mental breakdown realizing just how strongly I had to dance but I saw Lisa and began to grow my dream.

Lisa was so good at dancing. I wanted to dance well like Lisa.

— Rosé

Jennie complimented Lisa as the “friend who was always good” at dancing. And Lisa had the cutest smile as she was embarrassed but thankful at her sisters’ compliments!

And years later, Rosé and Lisa debuted as one of the top girl groups of all time! And no one would have ever guess this talented artist would have ever been doubtful of her dancing skills!

This is what happens when talented women encourage and motivate each other!

Check out the full segment below: