BLACKPINK’s Rose And Lisa Are Both Obsessed With This Hot Actor

Rose and Lisa are absolutely obsessed!

During BLACKPINK‘s recent radio appearance, Rose revealed that her ideal type was actor Gong Yoo.

“Gong Yoo is my ideal type. I literally get butterflies.” — Rose


She’s been a huge fan of his since Coffee Prince, which aired back in 2007!

“I was his fan since Coffee Prince. I saw it religiously when I was in Australia. I saw “Train To Busan” too. I cried so much with my mom during the scene when he falls off the train. I saw Goblin too, and of course cried there too. I love you [Gong Yoo].— Rose


Rose’s not the only one who loves Gong Yoo, Lisa also revealed that he’s her ideal type!

“Truthfully, Gong Yoo is also my ideal type. I watched Goblin with Rose.” — Lisa


To what extent do Rose and Lisa love Gong Yoo? It’s enough to intimidate Jisoo into jumping ship!

“My ideal type changes a lot but I liked Gong Yoo for a very long time. But [Rose and Lisa] love him so much that I think I should switch.” — Jisoo


How lucky would it be to live the life of Gong Yoo?


Watch Rose and Lisa cutely express their love for Gong Yoo below: