BLACKPINK Rosé’s Beauty Is Even More Jaw-Dropping In Person—Proof Based On New Close-Up Photos

Her unedited pictures are unbelievable.

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé continues to amaze everyone with her beauty!

She is currently in Paris, France, attending events related to Paris Fashion Week. Lucky fans in the area were able to see her and even interact with her up close.


Their videos and photos prove that she’s even more gorgeous in person than one may expect! She boasts a healthy complexion, eye-catching features, and a body that people would die for. Her charisma is off the charts as well.

Her smile is also noticeably bright nowadays, adding to her charm in real life!

Rosé’s model-like visuals were emphasized in videos taken from the side. Somehow, she looked even cooler from this angle.

Of course, it was clear just from her back view that she was a celebrity.

Rosé was stunning in every single photo taken of her, proving that she’s a photogenic queen!

Besides her obvious beauty, fans were impressed by her dedication to interacting with them. Even if she was tired from her long flight and packed schedules, she did not show any hint of this.

Paris Fashion Week will be held from September 25 to October 3, 2023.