BLACKPINK’s Rosé Reveals How Her Mom Inspired Her Since The Start

She couldn’t stop praising her mom 💕

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé is the inspiration of many people all over the world, but who does she herself look up to?

Rosé was recently chosen as the newest Tiffany & Co. global brand ambassador. In an interview with Tatler, she answered what her favorite city is and revealed which woman she admires the most in her life.

Who are some of the women that you admire in your life?

— Tatler

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There was only one woman on Rosé’s mind—her mom! As a child, she always admired how beautiful and strong her mom looked.

My mom. I still remember my mom when she used to work full-time back in New Zealand. How she would dress up in the most chic, boss-black fitted blazer and pencil skirt, her dark red lipstick and perfectly styled hair.

— Rosé

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Rosé’s dream was to look like her mom when she grew up. “She always looked like a boss and she was always my idol. I always wanted to look like her when I grew up.

Her mom, however, isn’t just beautiful on the outside! Rosé proudly shared how responsible, respectful, and kind her mom is to other people.

I admire her in so many ways. How responsible, respectful, and kind she is to the people around her.

— Rosé

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More than anything, Rosé admires how much her mom showered her with love since Day 1. Ending the interview, she praised her mom for being selfless, strong, and independent.

And mostly, I admire her for her unconditional love towards me and my sister. She is one selfless yet strong and independent human being.

— Rosé

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After hearing Rosé’s words, her mom seems like the most beautiful person in the world!

Source: Tatler