BLACKPINK’s Rosé Picks Up Some French Vocabulary In Paris, And We Can’t Get Over How Cute She Is

She killed it in Paris!

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé recently took all our breaths away with her attendance at Paris Fashion Week 2021. As an ambassador for Saint Laurent, Rosé attended their show and of course looked strikingly beautiful.

In her new video with Vogue Paris, Rosé brought us along while she got ready! Before getting fully glammed up, Rosé showed off her French and munched on some yummy food. Don’t worry, Rosé got her rice this time!

Before she learned some new French terms, Rosé shared with the camera something new about the language she recently discovered. During a phone call, Rosé learned when to use “Bonjour” and “Bonsoir.

I hope this is right but, in the evening you say, “‘Bonsoir.’ And in the morning you say, ‘Bonjour?'” Because I picked up the phone and I tried, I was like, ‘Bonjour’ and they went ‘Bonsoir madame.’ I was like, ‘Oh, Bonsoir.’

— Rosé

Once her makeup artists put on the final touches of her makeup, Rosé asked a man behind the camera, “Is there any French food that you guys want to recommend me? I would like to try while I’m here.

The man asked Rosé “Do you like cheese?” Rosé then responded yes and the gentleman then recommended her a dish called, “Raclette.” Rosé repeated the name back as best as she could and it was basically spot on!

After the gentleman described the yummy dish, Rosé seemed nothing but interested and asked him to repeat the name. Rosé then said “Raclette” once again, seeking confirmation from the man that she was pronouncing it correctly. Adorably, Rosé became shy and immediately stated, “Ah! It’s so hard!

Whether it’s speaking French or attending Paris Fashion Week 2021, BLINKs can all agree that Rosé slayed everything!

Rosé from BLACKPINK. | @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

Check out the video below: