BLACKPINK’s Rosé Proves She Can Rock Any Look In Her Latest Collaboration

From preppy to girl crush, she can do it all!

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé is the newest brand model for the Korean clothing brand 5252 BY O!Oi and she’s already proving they’ve picked the perfect person!

Rosé from BLACKPINK. | @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

The brand first hinted at the collaboration with this Instagram post on August 14 that spelled out Rosé’s name.

A few days later on August 16, they confirmed that Rosé was their newest ambassador!

We are excited to announce Rosé, charming and charismatic global artist, as our new ambassador. As 21PRE-FALL marks beginning of the campaign, look forward to the journey to follow.

— 5252 BY O!Oi

5252 BY O!Oi posted a video of Rosé introducing the collection which highlights the logo points in each item.

Hello, this is Rosé. I became the model for 5252 BY O!Oi. For the FW season products we shot, the various logo points stand out. You can mix and match and there are lots of pretty items, so please give it lots of support. Thank you!

— Rosé

Rosé totally rocks the different looks given to her by the brand! She looks so classy and expensive in this preppy, school uniform-inspired outfit.

| @5252byoioi/Instagram

We know this is about the clothes but we can’t stop looking at her visuals!

| 5252 BY O!Oi

Rosé paired this oversized fleece jacket with high-waisted jeans and plain top, highlighting her enviable physique. Look at how long her legs are!

| 5252 BY O!Oi

Her stunning visuals are so perfect for modeling. Everything becomes runway-ready when it’s on Rosé!

| 5252 BY O!Oi

Even this athleisure, street-style outfit looks incredible on her!

| 5252 BY O!Oi

In just a simple university-style hoodie, biker shorts, and sneakers, Rosé looks as beautiful as ever.

| 5252 BY O!Oi

Rosé is absolutely perfect as a brand ambassador for 5252 BY O!Oi thanks to her gorgeous visuals and incredible modeling skills! This certainly isn’t the last fashion collab we’ll see from her.

Source: Instagram and 5252 BY O!Oi