BLACKPINK’s Rosé Reveals How She Reacts To Her Performances Now As Compared To Her Debut Days

Her approach to her performances has changed since her debut!

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé showed her growth as an artist by revealing the difference in her reaction to her stage performances!

Rosé recently sat down for an interview with Rolling Stone, where she talked about all of her first times, including her first time listening to her solo debut track “On The Ground”!

As she talked about watching and monitoring her own performances, Rosé revealed that her reaction to her current performances differs a lot from her attitude towards her debut performances!

She talked about BLACKPINK’s debut stage in 2016 with “Whistle” and shared all the emotions from the moment she finally debuted as an idol!

First time I saw my performance on TV was probably that [debut stage with “Whistle”], the first performance we did. I think I was pretty proud of myself, back then!


Rosé also revealed that contrary to her initial pat-on-the-back reaction to her performances in her early days, she’s way more critical when it comes to her stages now!

But it’s very different from right now. Nowadays, when I look at my performances, I think I see so many flaws, and I’m like, “Why did I do it like that? Why can’t I do it like this?”

I’m very judgemental. But back then, I was very like, “Yup, that was a very good performance!”


Rosé made her solo debut with the single album -R-, and title track “On The Ground”.

Watch her talk about her approach to her stage performances here!