BLACKPINK’s Rosé Was All Too Ready To Set Up “Running Man’s” So Min On A Date

She’s a matchmaker ❤️

BLACKPINK recently guested on a fun-filled episode of Running Man.

Out of the many activities they took part in, one of the most memorable was the “truth game” that Rosé played. In the game, players wear cat ears that move when it senses a change in emotions.

When it was Rosé’s turn to ask So Min questions, she asked So Min if she wanted to go on a blind date.

Unni, do you want to go on a blind date? I know a nice guy.

— Rosé

Without missing a beat, So Min eagerly responded that she wanted to. She was all too happy to accept!

Rosé immediately broke into laughter as she playfully pushed So Min’s shoulders.

So Min’s excitement was so high that she repeated her desire to go on a blind date multiple times.

The other Running Man members poked fun at her for having cat ears that were “perked up so high“.

In other words, she meant what she said with all her heart, and she made sure Rosé knew it!

Catch more of Rosé and So Min in the clip below:

Source: sNack!

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