BLACKPINK’s Rosé Reveals Which Instruments She Plays To Help Relieve Stress

“It’s a part of my character!”

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé is a multi-talented artist for sure! Not only does she have the voice of an angel, but she’s also talented in dancing and playing instruments! In her interview with Elle Korea, Rosé revealed which instrument she’s most comfortable playing.

Rosé often shows off her skills in playing instruments piano and guitar, but which is she more comfortable with? When asked during her interview, Rosé revealed that she’s more comfortable with playing the piano!

The most comfortable instrument that I can play is actually the keyboard like the piano since that was my first instrument.

— Rosé

The second part of the question asked, “Can we expect more piano covers from you in the future?” Rosé replied and confirmed that she will be sharing more beautiful piano covers in the future.

Yes, of course! Um, I think you guys can expect more piano covers in the future.

— Rosé

Rosé must really find comfort in playing the piano as she also revealed that playing the piano is a good stress reliever for her.

I like to play the piano. It’s always been a kind of my stress relief. It’s a part of my character! I think…? I hope so!

— Rosé

Check out the video: