BLACKPINK’s Rosé Is At The Tiffany Exhibition In London, And These Unedited Pictures Are Proof Of Her Angelic Beauty

Rosé shines just as bright as the diamonds she wears.

Like an angel descending from heaven and gracing the earth with her sunshine-like presence, BLACKPINK‘s Rosé is captivating everyone at the Tiffany & Co.’s Vision & Virtuosity Exhibition in London. These unedited photos and videos are proof of her angelic beauty and sweet personality, and we’re reminded once again why Rosé is the perfect Tiffany ambassador.

Even while on the move, Rosé doesn’t forget to give BLINKs a wave and a kiss.

Here’s another angle of her flying kiss; she looks like an actual princess. Her smile is also proof of how much joy she gets from seeing BLINKs in person.

If Rosé smiles at you like this, there’s no way you’re heart will be okay.

We’re seriously getting major Disney princess vibes. She has the beauty, voice, and heart of one, so we might as well call her a real princess!

Of course, model Rosé quickly takes over, stealing everyone’s breaths as if she didn’t already own our hearts.

And true to her mission, the jewelry Rosé is wearing is enchanting. It also resembles her personality: classy yet simple, delicate yet strong. No other jewel suits her like a diamond, and Tiffany’s pieces perfectly complement Rosé’s beauty.