BLACKPINK Rosé’s Unexpected Airport Dance Finally Explained, And Jisoo Was The Reason Behind One Eye-Catching Detail

The answer was revealed in BLACKPINK’s 7th anniversary video!

On July 31, BLACKPINK‘s Rosé, Jisoo, and Jennie were spotted exiting Gimpo International Airport together following the conclusion of the Asia leg of their BORN PINK world tour.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa was reportedly spotted catching a flight to a different location for unannounced schedules that day, which is why she wasn’t with her fellow members at the time.

(From left:) BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa, and Rosé in Vietnam on their “BORN PINK” world tour | @BLACKPINK/Twitter

The arrival of the three members was captured through the waiting press, and BLACKPINK’s Rosé went viral for her unexpected actions when she walked out of the airport doors.

The talented BLACKPINK member seemed shy as she greeted the media present. Then she suddenly broke into dance as Jisoo and Jennie hilariously laughed and clapped along to the seemingly impromptu performance.

The moment went viral as netizens hilariously speculated why Rosé danced, with many guessing it was the result of losing a bet or as a penalty for losing a game between the members.

Rosé explained what happened in a membership-only Weverse live, but recently the answer was revealed to all fans after YG Entertainment released BLACKPINK’s special 7th-anniversary video.

BLACKPINK’s celebratory 7th anniversary poster | @BLACKPINK/Twitter

The four members gathered in the video to take a fun quiz about all things BLACKPINK.

Before starting the quiz, Lisa asked if there would be a prize for whoever got the most answers correct. When she was told there wasn’t a prize, the members decided that whoever missed the most answers would be penalized. They initially considered having the person wear pajamas to the airport…

… before deciding that the member who missed the most questions must “express their love for BLINKs with their whole body at the airport.

Jennie and Rosé both thought would be the penalty recipient, and after the quiz, Rosé was determined to have missed the most questions.

After determining the penalty recipient, Jisoo added to the penalty, sharing that Rosé also had to wear clothing with BLACKPINK character plush dolls stitched onto it.

Jennie hilariously specified that Rosé needed to be the one to stitch the plush dolls onto her clothing.

Jisoo demonstrated the penalty dance moves for Rosé, who was a good sport about the upcoming challenge.

The BLACKPINK member delivered on the penalty challenge and looked effortlessly cool in her custom, eye-catching BLACKPINK plush doll pants when she did!

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