BLACKPINK’s Rosé Plays A Game To See Who Her Valentine’s Date Is…And Gets The Best Response

She loved the prediction!

Love is still in the air even a few days after Valentine’s day was held last February 14! BLACKPINK‘s Rosé shared multiple posts on her Instagram account to commemorate the event, particularly showing off the bouquet of roses that she got from Saint Laurent as their global ambassador.

| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

She also posted an Instagram story that showed her playing a game to figure out who her Valentine’s date would be. The “akkaflakaa” filter included guesses like “You will always be alone“, “Your bf/gf will cheat on you“, “Single pringle” and “You will fall in love with four people.”

The one Rosé picked was none other than, “You will have a romantic evening with your pet.”

Based on her reaction, she loved the prediction! Though she’s famous for having had her pet fish, Joohwangie, longer, Rosé tagged the Instagram page of her latest baby, Hank, instead!

On his Instagram bio, Rosé described Hank as “Special breed. Born 2020. 6.7kg. Adopted 02/12/20. Has a very happy tail.” Besides having the idol’s wholehearted love, he even recently received thousands of dollars worth of Saint Laurent items. He’s living the life!

| @hank_says_hank/Instagram

On Valentine’s day itself, the BLACKPINK main vocalist posted a fancy dinner spread with fruits, chocolates, and candles. It wasn’t impossible that she had Hank right beside her.

Luckily for the puppy, Rosé didn’t get the “You will adopt a cat” prediction from the game-like filter, leaving him the maknae of the dorm just a little longer.

Source: Instagram