The Secret Thing BLACKPINK Did As Trainees To Avoid Their Grueling Dance Practice

Their devious side came out!

BLACKPINK‘s exclusive interview with Rolling Stone was a treasure trove of new information for fans.

At one point, they reminisced about their trainee days and the hardships they experienced in order to debut. They trained in different subjects six days a week for almost their entire waking hours. Their fatigue reached a point where they couldn’t help but think of ways to rest for just a few minutes—even if the risks were high.

Not only did they avoid practice, but they did it in the class of the strictest dance teacher in YG Entertainment, Kim Hee Jung.

She was considered a legend, so everybody was scared of her.

— Rosé

BLACKPINK and Kim Hee Jung | @_gamzza/Instagram

But the chance to take a break was too tempting. They tampered with the speaker in the practice room and pretended they had no idea why it was not working when they were about to start class.

We were dancing literally every single day. Sometimes we really, really wanted to take a break. So one day we took out one of the cables. We took out one of the many cables connected to the speaker, and said, ‘Huh? Why isn’t the music coming out?’

— Jisoo

BLACKPINK in the dance practice room pre-debut

They hoped to cut the entire one hour class short but they only received half of this. In Jennie’s words though, this was not a problem since “even those 30 minutes were so precious, so precious.”

Our class was an hour long. The engineer eventually came and fixed it, within 30 minutes.

— Jisoo

The members of BLACKPINK may look like they can do no wrong, but hilariously they “were such a problematic group” according to Rosé.

Source: Rolling Stone