BLACKPINK Share the Small Things in Life That Make Them Really Happy

From phone calls to puppies, BLACKPINK girls know happiness is right in front of their eyes.

BLACKPINK girls rocked the four different versions of the Cosmopolitan Korea magazine’s August edition cover. In the interview that featured inside, members Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé shared their ideas of “So-hwak-haeng (소확행)”.

“So-hwak-haeng” is a trending term in Korea that roughly translates to “small but significant happiness”. It means the average things in life that bring great joy.


When asked to define the small things in life that makes her happy, Lisa put family first.

“The daily phone calls with my mom! She is so happy that I’m actively promoting now. Watching her gives me all the strength.”

— Lisa


Rosé picked her favorite leisure activities as her source of happiness.

“I listen to my favorite songs. I also look up my favorite artists’ interviews on YouTube. Doing this has a healing effect on me.”

— Rosé


Jisoo mentioned she loses herself in a good book.

“I’m happy when I read. These days, I’m reading Hideo Okuda‘s A Swing in the Air.”

— Jisoo


Jennie shared her favorite way to spend time is with her pups.

“I absolutely love spending time with my dogs at the dorm.”

— Jennie


BLACKPINK girls are as thrilled as their fans are about their super successful comeback after a long hiatus. The unbelievable amount of love and support the group received has made them happy as well.

“We are so happy that the fans are satisfied with the comeback. This gives us the courage to keep trying new concepts in the future.”

— Jennie

Source: Sports Chosun