BLACKPINK Signs With Major US Label Interscope Records

BLACKPINK is coming to the US!

BLACKPINK has reportedly signed with the major US label, Interscope Records, of the Universal Music Group and will officially take the stage in the US.


YG Entertainment announced the news on October 23rd and stated their plans to create various global projects with their new partnership with the Universal Music Group.

“BLACKPINK has recently signed with Interscope. YG and Interscope will make BLACKPINK global stars through our partnership. YG, which has advantages in Asia, will create various global projects in the future through our partnership with the Universal Music Group.” ㅡ YG Entertainment


The Universal Music Group (UMG) is considered one of the top 3 record labels along with Sony Music and Warner Music Group and it’s representative label, Interscope Records, houses numerous world-renowned artists such as Selena Gomez, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Guns N’ Roses, Lady Gaga and many more.


The Universal Music Group’s chairman and CEO, Lucian Grainge, and Chairman John Janick of Interscope Records announced on October 10 their plans to promote BLACKPINK worldwide through their partnership with YG at the UMG Global Leadership Summit. Chairman Grainge even introduced BLACKPINK as a “first-priority project”.

“Chairman Yang Hyun Suk has developed YG into a global corporation that is leading the music industry and their artists have created significant achievements. We are very proud to have formed a partnership with YG through BLACKPINK, who will become a part of the Interscope family. We are looking forward to BLACKPINK’s astonshing growth based on the Universal Music Group’s global resources and professional knowledge. We hope the general public that gives attention to BLACKPINK will gradually be broadened.” ㅡ Chairman Lucian Grainge


Chairman John Janick of Interscope Records also praised BLACKPINK for their unique qualities and expressed his excitement for their new partnership.

“BLACKPINK is a next-generation global superstar. Their music and visuals are different from anything else of the current pop music industry. I’m more than excited about our partnership with YG, who has set their eyes on conquering the world through BLACKPINK.” ㅡ Chairman John Janick


Yang Hyun Suk also expressed that he will do his best for BLACKPINK’s successful debut and promotions in the US and mentioned his hopes for other YG artists to be able to follow in their footsteps.

“BLACKPINK’s contract was decided quickly thanks to Chairman Lucian Grainge. We will do our best for BLACKPINK’s successful debut and promotions by closely cooperating with the world’s greates music group, Universal. Starting with BLACKPINK, we expect this to be a good opportunity for our other YG artists to enter the North American and European market in the future.” ㅡ Yang Hyun Suk 


Within just 2 years of their debut, BLACKPINK is now standing side by side with distinguished global artists and it is worth looking forward to how much more they will achieve in the US!

Source: Osen