BLACKPINK Just Gave Spoilers About Their Upcoming Pre-Release Single—And They’re Exciting AF

What’s your favorite spoiler?

BLACKPINK just gave out spoilers for their upcoming pre-release single on June 26!

The prologue of their newest reality program, 24/365 with BLACKPINK, was released on June 13. Part of their news-worthy topics of discussion was the possible hints they could give BLINKs about their latest track.

Is there a part of the new song we can give out? The most outstanding part?

– Jisoo

Rosé immediately thought of one hint that gives away the overall vibe of the song. Holding an imaginary object in her hand, she roughly swiped it through the air.

She then amended, “It’s more like a cat.”

Jennie disagreed, explaining to Lisa’s amusement:

I think it’s more close to King Kong.

– Jennie

Re-enacting a King Kong-type of roar, they implied that the latest track will be explosive.

It reminds me of the part where King Kong goes up to the building and screams.

– Jennie

Besides the vibe of the song, there was one expression that fit it well—a sultry and confident “come-hither” look.

Finally, Jisoo shared a spoiler of how different the pre-release single will be from their older songs.

If our previous songs gave off the vibe of being strong and powerful, I think this song is more hip and shows off our swag.

– Jisoo

Among all of their tracks, Jisoo chose the “badabing-badaboom” part of “BOOMBAYAH” as the one that most closely matches their upcoming single.

It’s definitely a song to look forward to!

Our BLINKs will get it after they listen to our song. Guys, you’ll know what we mean. That’s all I can give you guys as a spoiler

– Jisoo