BLACKPINK Are Sporty Goddesses In Their Adidas Outfits

They wore stylish athleisure outfits to Adidas’ anniversary event.

If you’re looking for gym style inspiration, you’ll find it with BLACKPINK!


On October 9, JisooJennieRosé, and Lisa attended the 70th anniversary for Adidas, in style. They commemorated the launch of Adidas Ultraboost [Hangul Limited Edition] at Times Square Yeongdeungpo with athlete David Beckham, and more.


Each member was dressed head to toe in Adidas’ most fashionable athleisure, in various colors.


Jisoo and Jennie both wore black, but in different styles. Jennie looked positively radiant in her crop top, zip-up jacket, and track pants.


Jisoo, on the other hand, wore a flattering, zippered skirt with a long-sleeved crop top.


Jisoo’s black and Lisa’s highlight green created a gorgeous, attention-grabbing contrast.


Lisa’s sweater was similar to Jisoo’s, but it had drawstrings in place of a zipper. Like Jennie, she wore track pants rather than a skirt.


Rosé’s bright red jacket and skirt looked absolutely stunning with her blonde hair and fair complexion.


Even in casual clothes, BLACKPINK’s star power shines bright!