BTS Fan Apologizes For Spreading Rumors About A Fake BLACKPINK Spotify Ad

An ARMY has apologized for their role in spreading false rumors about a BLACKPINK Spotify ad.

BTS fan has apologized for spreading false rumors about a fake BLACKPINK Spotify advertisement that have raised tensions between BLINK and ARMY.


On April 6, a BTS fan tweeted out an unconfirmed story about a BLACKPINK Spotify advertisement. According to the fan, BLACKPINK’s new song “Kill This Love” was being played as an unskippable ad before BTS songs on Spotify, boosting BLACKPINK’s streaming numbers.


Photoshopped screenshots of the unskippable ad soon spread like wildfire across social media, angering ARMYs, who were led to believe that “Kill This Love” was unjustly acquiring streams.


In turn, some BLINKs accused ARMY of trying to “make BLACKPINK look bad”, and they pointed out that the screenshots were fake.



SpotifyCares addressed the situation on Twitter, assuring fans that ads do not count as views, but tensions between the fandoms are still running high.


The ARMY who circulated the rumors has since apologized to both fandoms and to BLACKPINK for their actions.

First of all, all I can say is that I’m very sorry. I posted an unconfirmed story about Spotify around midnight last night, and an unimaginable amount of people ended up misunderstanding the situation. I knew this was untrue, but I only left a brief message, and I didn’t deal with the troubles happening. I found out later that the screenshots I had posted (of the BLACKPINK ads before BTS’s songs) were also Photoshopped. I didn’t think to fact check the pictures and stories I’d read on various online communities, and I went ahead and posted them. Due to my actions, many BLINKs and the innocent BLACKPINK members received a lot of criticism. I am sorry. I didn’t have any intention of accusing BLACKPINK and BLINKs. I’ll get rid of this account soon. I apologize.

– Fan’s apology message