Starbucks Is Investigating A Fake BLACKPINK Promotion

Starbucks is looking into a false BLACKPINK promotion that caused confusion among fans.

Starbucks is trying to get to the bottom of a BLACKPINK promotion that has left many BLINKs feeling confused and disappointed.


In the past, Starbucks has shown love for several popular K-Pop groups, including TWICE




…and MONSTA X.


On April 6, BLINKs were excited to see BLACKPINK getting some of that Starbucks love too. On Twitter, the hashtag “#KillThisLoveStarbucks” trended after news of an alleged BLACKPINK x Starbucks advertisement broke. This ad offered a free drink to anyone who screenshotted themselves listening to BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love”.



BLINKs were over the moon about this collaboration, which unfortunately proved to be false.



Starbucks quickly addressed the false promotion, telling fans that the offer is invalid. They have now begun investigating to uncover the ad’s origins.