BLACKPINK’s Stylist Impresses With Her Chic Changes To Rosé’s Designer Jumpsuit

Rosé looked stunning 😍

BLINKs are all-praise for Rosé‘s fashionable outfit on tvN‘s Amazing Saturday. Not only did she manage to pull off a unique style, she absolutely owned it!

Moschino Model

The outfit in question is a strapless jumpsuit from Moschino‘s Pre Fall 2020 collection

| Vogue

Although it may appear simple at first glance, it stands out because of its ruched top with belt loops, giving it the appearance of elongated pants.

| Moschino


When Rosé showed up on the set of Amazing Saturday, she looked so good that the jumpsuit may as well have been made for her!

If you’re wondering who to thank for such a job well done, look no further than BLACKPINK’s stylist. She folded the top part of the jumpsuit and accessorized it with a thin, black belt.

The black belt emphasized Rosé’s slim waist and the high waisted cut made her legs appear like they go on for miles.

| @tvN/YouTube

Rosé always looks beautiful, but she practically glowed that day.

With her natural beauty shining brightly, it was almost impossible to take your eyes off her!

BLINKs who viewed the photos loved the way she looked: “Wow, Rosé digested that outfit well“.

| @tvN/YouTube

They also complimented BLACKPINK’s stylist for her fashion sense: “I’ve always felt that, but it seems that you are so good at coordinating for BLACKPINK. Even when the model wears it, it’s still a bit vague. Coordi, who are you?? I respect youㅋㅋㅋ“.

| @tvN/YouTube

Effortlessly stunning? That’s Rosé!

| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram
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