BLACKPINK suffers malfunction during their first awards performance

BLACKPINK‘s custom made head mics malfunctioned while performing at their first ever award ceremony, the Asia Artist Awards.

For BLACKPINK’s “Stay” and “Playing With Fire” comeback on November 5th, YG Entertainment‘s Yang Hyun Suk gifted BLACKPINK with custom made head mics. The free head mics the idols used on music programs moved when performing, so they would have to be taped to the idols’ cheeks, which also irritated their skin. YG wanted BLACKPINK to properly show their intense choreography without having to worry about the microphones moving around.

BLACKPINK attended South Korea’s 2016 Asia Artist Awards and had the chance to perform “Whistle” and “Playing With Fire.” Unfortunately, the problem BLACKPINK faced was that Jennie and Lisa‘s headsets weren’t working properly. Their mics sounded like they were turning on and off at times. You can sense Jennie and Lisa were getting frustrated but they continued on with their performance.

Check out BLACKPINK’s performances at the 2016 Asia Artist Awards below.

Source: Naver and Youtube