BLACKPINK Talks About Just How Popular Lisa Is In Thailand And They Aren’t Wrong

World class queens!

BLACKPINK appeared on JTBC’s Knowing Bros recently after making a comeback with their new song “Lovesick Girls.” The girls talked about a variety of things from Lisa‘s bangs, Jennie learning French, and more.

| @redqueenlm/Twitter

When asked about Lisa’s popularity in Thailand, the members had a lot to say. “What is the response about Lisa in Thailand?”

Lisa, looking a bit embarrassed, couldn’t answer the question herself. “It’s a bit hard to answer this with my own mouth…”

But the members had plenty to say about Lisa’s popularity in Thailand. Jennie commented, “First of all, you can’t walk at all when you arrive at the airport.”

Jisoo added, “All floors of the airport are packed with people who came to see Lisa.”

“When you get on the highway, all you see are photos of Lisa everywhere!”

They even revealed that the police cleared the roads for them too. “The police come to clear and organize the traffic when she arrives.”

Lisa, although flattered, felt that it was all because of BLACKPINK. “No, this is all because of BLACKPINK!”

Seo asked, “So is Lisa the most popular idol in Thailand?”

The members all agreed that this was true. “Well that’s what we think!”

Watch the full clip below!