BLACKPINK Wow With Their Visuals And During Their First OT4 Incheon Airport Appearance In Over Three Years

BLACKPINK is back in your area!

The members of BLACKPINK are as close as idol groups can be. After debuting in 2016, the members have always showcased a tight friendship, and netizens have loved watching them together.

In particular, when they’re at the airport, netizens love watching the members together and interacting with the media and BLINKs who have waited for them.

Yet, despite all this, it has been over three years since the members were photographed together at the airport… until now.

It was recently announced that BLACKPINK would be traveling to America to perform at the upcoming VMAs. With news that the members would be arriving at Incheon Airport on August 25, the airport was full of fans and media waiting for the group.

As soon as the cars arrived and the members started coming out, the crowds went crazy. Jisoo was the first member to step out of her car, followed by Lisa, and then Jennie and Rosé. With their dazzling visuals, the idols truly showcased their personalities with their outfits that ranged from sophisticated, bohemian, and casual.

When they made it to the center, the cameras went crazy as everyone wanted a shot of the four members together at the airport. All of BLACKPINK cutely greeted everyone waiting, bowing and waving at them.

In close-ups of each member, the smiles on their faces were unmissable and showcased their genuine personalities and dazzling visuals, even wearing minimal to no makeup.

When the photos came out, it wasn’t surprising that the internet was sent into meltdown. For the first time in forever, the members were all together at Incheon airport for a group schedule.

Individually, the members also shined in their close-up shots.

It also led to some adorable interactions between the members. As soon as they put their masks on and started walking inside the airport, they paired up and linked arms, with Jennie and Lisa together and Jisoo and Rosé together. With the big crowds, they guided each other while greeting the fans and media.

Even when they arrived at check-in, the members continued to wave and greet fans as they got ready for their long flight. As each member made their way through passport control, they gave one last wave to the crowds.

After the members had left, social media was full of BLINKs sharing their love for the members. Hashtags such as “HAVE A SAFE FLIGHT BLACKPINK,” along with individual phrases for each member, started trending immediately. For many, it was the first time in forever seeing the members at the airport together.

With their latest album Born Pink set to be released in September and more group activities globally, hopefully, netizens will be treated to a lot more OT4 airport content in the upcoming months.

BLACKPINK’s Way Of Protecting Each Other When Faced With Busy Crowds At Incheon Airport Showcases Their True Bond

Source: Newsen