BLACKPINK Wants To Collaborate With Adele, Rita Ora, and other UK Artists

YG, can we make this happen?

BLACKPINK recently took some time to have a video interview with Capital FM‘s Jimmy Hill, where they talked about what K-Pop meant to them, as well as their ideal collaborations with U.K. artists.

The host, Jimmy Hill, kicked off the interview by asking the girls about their thoughts on K-Pop.

Jimmy: Tell me a little bit about [K-Pop], what’s the vibe?

Rosé: K-Pop is very “out-there”, each group as a unique theme that they’re going for. It’s very experimental.

Jennie: We think about the visuals [a lot], I mean everybody does, but I guess its different from how they do it in the [U.S.], that’s why people are more interested in it these days.

The girls joined the call from a photoshoot with Vogue Korea. Despite their busy schedules, the members took the time to teach the host a new korean word–“daebak”!


Lastly, the girls were asked about their dream British collaborations.

Rosé: We love all British artists, like Rita Ora, she’s amazing.

Jennie: Adele!

Rosé: Adele oh wow! Stan Smith! Let’s just go for it!

BLACKPINK previously collaborated with British artist Dua Lipa on their hit track, “Kiss and Make Up”. That song became BLACKPINK’s first entry on the UK Singles Chart, debuting at No. 36.

You can watch the full interview with Capital FM below.