BLACKPINK Will “Respectfully Decline” Fan Gifts From Now On—Here’s Why

You can still send letters to them though!

YG Entertainment recently announced that BLACKPINK will no longer be accepting gifts from fans, apart from letters.

BLACKPINK | @sooyaaa__/Instagram

The support manager made an announcement on Weverse and YG Entertainment’s official website to let BLINKs know that the superstar group would no longer be accepting gifts from fans. The decision was made in response to the “overwhelming amount of congratulations” BLACKPINK received in celebration of their fifth anniversary.

| @sooyaaa__/Instagram

The group generously asked fans to send the gifts intended for them to “others who need it more.” 

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram
| YG Entertainment

Hello, I am the support manager.

We would like to make an announcement about FAN SUPPORT to our grateful fans who continually support BLACKPINK.

This year, as we received an overwhelming amount of congratulations for their 5th anniversary, we decided to make a difficult announcement about the fans’ heartfelt support and presents after discussing with the BLACKPINK members for a very long time.

From now on, we will respectfully decline the support and mailed presents prepared with love and care from the fans to celebrate BLACKPINK’s special days, such as anniversaries (group debut, solo debut, birthdays) / broadcast (music show, radio, variety show) / performance (snacks, donation flower arrangements).

We would be grateful if instead of sending them gifts and support to celebrate their special days, those gifts be sent to others who need it more. Please understand that we will be sending back or clearing out without notice any anniversary or mailed presents / quick deliveries that are not fan letters.

—YG Entertainment

BLINKs admired BLACKPINK’s generous decision to ask fans to send their gifts to those in need, and they expressed their admiration for the members on Twitter.



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