BLACKPINK Is Officially The World’s Most Subscribed To Female Artist On YouTube

BLACKPINK has set another amazing record:

From day one, BLACKPINK has been setting all kinds of new records and the powerful group has just done it once more, claiming a brand new record on YouTube.

| @BLACKPINK/Twitter

On July 24, YG Entertainment announced the official YouTube channel of BLACKPINK surpassed 42.3 million subscribers as of 8 AM KST. While the feat is already incredibly impressive, with their continuing growth in subscribers, BLACKPINK has now become the most subscribed to female artist on the platform.

Alongside BLACKPINK, Ariana Grande with 42.2 million subscribers, Taylor Swift with 38.5 million, and Katy Perry with 37.7 million are the most subscribed to channels from female artists. BLACKPINK, however, didn’t just set a new record for female artists. BLACKPINK is one of the top 5 artists overall with the highest number of subscribers on YouTube!

After the news was announced, YG Entertainment expressed how proud they are of BLACKPINK commenting, “The number of YouTube channel subscribers is one of the criteria that objectively illustrates the popularity of artists. In the age of breaking new content every day, subscriptions to channels are often the result of a fandom’s loyalty and consistent interest and their anticipation for future content. Notably, BLACKPINK’s new record is an important indicator as YouTube plays a key role in effecting changes in the global music market.”

| @blackpinkofficial/Instagram

Congratulations BLACKPINK on setting another outstanding record! The powerhouse group, meanwhile, is currently gearing up for the next part of their 3-part comeback with their new mysterious single set to drop in August.

Source: Sports Chosun