YG Entertainment Announced A New BLACKPINK Project… And Fans Are Disappointed

When will YG Entertainment learn?

YG Entertainment recently announced their next project planned for BLACKPINK… But the reactions to the announcement have been overwhelmingly negative.

The project isn’t a comeback announcement, or a tour, or any other kind of musical endeavor.  It’s… Collectible dolls.

Unsurprisingly, fans aren’t too thrilled about this project, since BLINKs have been waiting for nearly a year now for BLACKPINK’s next comeback, or a solo project, or any kind of release that has to do with what the girls should be known for – their music.  Comments on the original Tweet show the fans’ dismay.

YG Entertainment has long dealt with complaints about the girls’ careers, given that they have yet to release a full-length album in the three and a half years since their debut, and only Jennie has had a solo career despite high demand for other members to have their own solo releases as well.  This underwhelming project, to them, is just another insult.

If you do want to buy the collectible dolls, they will be available this summer… Hopefully after BLACKPINK’s comeback that has been stated to happen sometime within the first half of this year.