BLACKPINK’s Jennie Met Her Favorite Animal, And Her Happiness Level Shot Up By 200%

It’s the cutest thing you’ll see today.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie may look intimidating with her supreme fashion sense and all-rounder skills on stage, but she’s actually a cutie pie in real life! Her adorable personality was highlighted in the tenth episode of 24/365 with BLACKPINK when the camera went behind-the-scenes of their latest hit “ICE CREAM”.

In the video, the girls played around…

…danced their addictive choreography…

…and met the very special subjects they’d be filming alongside: animals! Jennie in particular was obsessed with the capybara on set. She couldn’t believe everyone for not knowing what these adorable mammals were.

Do you know what a capybara is? How come nobody knows what a capybara is? It’s my favorite animal!

— Jennie

The moment she set her eyes on them, she was in love—and the same could be said for the docile animals! They immediately stood up to greet her while she cooed over them.

She couldn’t stop showering them with praises, captivated by their cuteness.

How come you’re so cute? I finally got to meet you! I really like this animal…

— Jennie

To her immense gratitude and excitement, she was even allowed to step inside the capybara pen to meet them up close. The animals flocked to her straight away as if she were their favorite human being.

When it was time to film her solo scene, she exuded her inner capybara and copied her friend.

No one can deny that their chemistry was perfect from start to finish!

To see more of BLACKPINK’s ultra-cute moments, check out the full video below.