BLACKPINK’s Jennie Returns To Running Man And Wins Over Hearts Of Fans Once Again

Can she get any cuter?

The last time BLACKPINK’s Jennie appeared on Running Man was a moment that will never be forgotten by fans. She was simply too cute to handle as she cried hysterically, running away from monsters and ghosts.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie Showed Her True Personality On Running Man


Jennie recently returned to Running Man as a guest and did not fail to win over the hearts of fans all over again. Firstly, she boldly stated that she had “hands of gold”, claiming that she even wins in the game Rock Paper Scissors every time.

“Even when I play Rock Paper Scissors, I usually win and I’m the golden hands of our team.” ㅡ Jennie


Having their doubts, the Running Man hosts suggested that she try playing Rock Paper Scissors with the other guest, Jin Ki Joo, to prove this. After tying the first round, Jennie was faced with a quick defeat.


She tried to hide her embarrassment with a burst of laughter and fans just couldn’t handle the cuteness.


The cuteness, however, didn’t stop there. Jennie was then given the chance to choose between two boxes: one that contained silly animal-themed pajamas or one that contained cute marine-style pajamas.

“I’m going to take the energy of this team and choose this box.” ㅡ Jennie


And it didn’t come as a surprise that her “hands of gold” chose the silly animal-themed pajamas!


But when she came out wearing baby shark-themed pajamas, fans were more than thankful for her “golden hands”!

  • “How can she be so lovely in those shark pajamas…”
  • “She is too cute…”


Whether or not she has “hands of gold”, it doesn’t matter because she will still be adorable doing anything!


Watch the full clip below:


Source: Naver TV