BLACKPINK’s Jennie Spotted Looking Sick At The Airport

One member took care of her.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie was pictured looking sick in the airport on October 17. BLACKPINK was on their way to Japan for a schedule when Jennie was seen looking very pale and uncomfortable.

She seemed to be ailing a fever, curling into herself and avoiding the press.

Jisoo noticed and immediately took care of Jennie, holding on to her leading her through the airport.

Netizens were alarmed at Jennie’s condition, wanting her to rest. They also thanked Jisoo for taking care of her member.

Jennie, if you’re sick, you can rest. I really want you to take a little break. And it’s okay for her to show that she’s sick, rather than trying to pretend she’s okay. I will always cheer for you. Don’t worry, you’re the one who shines more than anyone. I love you!

Jennie, don’t get sick…Jisoo, thank you.

Jennie ya~~ I’m especially worried about Jennie’s health. Take care of yourself. Don’t get sick. Eat well. But Jisoo takes care of her. Jennie fighting!

Jennie, don’t get sick and be healthy! I will always cheer for you, BLACKPINK.

– Korean Netizens

Get well soon, Jennie!

Source: Naver