BLACKPINK’s Jennie Takes Fans Into Her Private World Through Her 2nd Instagram Account

Jennie blessed fans for BLACKPINK’s 3rd anniversary.

On August 8, BLACKPINK‘s Jennie made her secondary Instagram account public to celebrate BLACKPINK’s 3rd anniversary. She unveiled the account through an Instagram Story on her main account with a caption ” A little something for you”.

The account is called @lesyeuxdenini – “the eyes of Nini” in French – and although the account is new to the world, she’s been posting there privately since May. The first post is dated May 12 & it’s simply Jennie and her camera, setting the tone for the photography-driven page.

@lesyeuxdenini is like a raw yet perfectly curated backstage look at Jennie’s life and some of her & BLACKPINK’s biggest moments like Coachella, music video filmings, etc.

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Head on over to @lesyeuxdenini to get a snapshot of the world through Jennie’s eyes.