BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Just Confirmed A Major Fan Theory

The scene has a really deep message.

Ever since BLACKPINK released their record-breaking “DDU-DU DDU-DU”, BLINKs have been thinking about one particular scene in the music video.

The scene where Jisoo wears a pink wig stands out not only because Jisoo is absolutely gorgeous but because it seems to be very important.


The girls recently appeared on Arirang TV‘s Pops In Seoul to discuss their MV. During the discussion, Rosé prompted Jisoo to explain the scene.


She started off by explaining that both the version of herself with the pink hair and the picture of herself on the wall were representations of her.

One is a representation of her as a celebrity and the other is her as an ordinary person.


Since there are many people who only care about her celebrity picture, they completely ignore the pink Jisoo right in front of them.

Which, sadly, happens very often in the celebrity world.


But as soon as she makes a mistake and falls down, all the cameras turn to capture the mistake.

She also mentioned the way they point their cameras at her and how it looks like they are ready to shoot her when she’s down!


BLINKs had been theorizing that the scene held a deep meaning like this and they were absolutely right! Talk about a major statement about the ups and downs of celebrity life!

Source: @intoblackpivk