BLACKPINK’s Jisoo stuns everyone at Coachella

“The redhaired girl” even had non K-Pop fans starstruck

BLACKPINK had the honour of being the first K-Pop girl group to ever perform at Coachella.

They were met with strong acclaim which puts them on a great start to a one-month stay in North America as part of their “In Your Area” world tour.

While all the members have been getting a lot of love, Jisoo has been generating a lot of traction thanks to her stunning crimson hair.

Her attractive visuals were well complimented with her hairstyle and brought even more attention to this impressive group.

But it wasn’t just her styling that left people starstruck.

Being the only member who wasn’t fluent in English by debut, many BLINKs have been supportive whenever Jisoo gave it a go with speaking English. But at Coachella, Jisoo left BLINKs amazed when she sang in perfect English.

Jisoo managed to showcase the English skills her members have been helping her with by saying goodbye to the American audience who showed BLACKPINK their love.

While she is the main visual, Jisoo’s talent knows no end.

During her performance, her trademark husky and smooth voice shined across the stage. This even left several non K-Pop fans starstruck with her vocal tone and performance.

BLINKs have been praising Jisoo for constantly improving her dancing since debut and this was well represented at Coachella.

Support and compliments have been flooding in across social media in recognition of Jisoo’s stage presence and talents.

BLINKs have been immortalising Jisoo’s visuals and sensational aura in gifs that have spread like wildfire.

All in all, it is clear that BLINKs are so proud of Jisoo and all the girls for their spectacular performance.


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