BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Tried To “Scold” Fans Into Listening To Her But It Backfired Big Time

She was just too cute!

When Jisoo tried to “scold” fans into listening to her and the rest of the BLACKPINK members things didn’t go quite as planned!

BLACKPINK performed in Sydney, Australia during their In Your Area world tour. While they made plenty of sweet memories with BLINKs and blew everyone away with their performances, there was one moment that fans can’t get over because of Jisoo!

It all started when Rosé asked fans to put their lightsticks down because she wanted to do a stadium wave with all the BLINKs in attendance. As BLINKs began to put their lightsticks down, BLACKPINK continued encouraging the remaining fans who hadn’t put them down yet to do so.

But when Jisoo started “scolding” the BLINKs who still had them up…

BLINKs, ppyongbongs down, please. I’m serious. Down! Down, please! Down!

— Jisoo

Everyone completely lost it at how cute she was! Her words even backfired, as some fans even wanted to raise their lightsticks up so she would repeat the words again!

Even her members couldn’t handle her adorable reaction and, thankfully, had to have her repeat it one more time!

With Jisoo’s final “I’m serious,” the remaining BLINKs who had their ppyongbongs up lowered them down just in time for the stadium wave!

When the wave was a success and the whole stadium was filled with light once again, BLINKs got a big thumbs up of approval and a sweet smile from Jisoo.

With such a cute reaction to both seeing the wave and getting everyone to lower their lightsticks for it, Jisoo has once again crowned herself the ultimate adorable bias wrecker! Check out the moment in the fancam below at 4-minute and 55-second mark.