BLACKPINK’s Lisa Has Been Accused Of Stealing A Black Dancer’s Choreography

What do you think of the situation?

Fans have been raving over Lisa‘s latest dance video, where she effortlessly moves to the sensual song “Mushroom Chocolate” by QUIN and 6LACK. However, one person isn’t too excited to see her choreography.

Cierra Nichols, a black choreographer, has accused the BLACKPINK member of plagiarism, claiming that Lisa stole some of her own dance for her video. The main part in question is the beginning of Lisa’s dance where she is on the floor.

Cierra, whose dance came out a month before Lisa’s, posted her accusation on her Instagram story. “In today’s episode of ‘Let’s Steal from Black People’ a Korean singer gets 7.8 million views in a day using most of your choreography. Love that for us,” she stated, clearly upset. She added on Twitter later, “Convinced people can’t read. I know to credit someone if I clearly pulled from it. I seen the inspiration the girl looks great.”

When someone reached out to her about the situation, Cierra claimed that she wasn’t trying to start drama. “It’s not about the drama girl I could care less but it’s clear where the beginning got its inspiration. It’s clear [they’re] not doing anything like mine. That’s why I’m fine.”

Lisa hasn’t yet responded to the accusation, so it’s hard to say what the truth of the matter really is. Many fans have defended her and have been leaving rude comments and dislikes on Cierra’s video, which has forced her to turn off the comment section.

Check out the two dance videos below to see the comparison: