BLACKPINK’s Lisa Is Applauded For Her Reaction To Fans And The Media

“She is the treasure of K-Pop…”

There are many cultural norms in Korea that even Koreans sometimes overlook. With this said, in Korea, the most basic etiquette might be the most important.

Two women wearing Hanbok, a traditional Korean garb | Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

Koreans bow when greeting someone either for the first time or to someone who is of higher social rank. Such as a superior at work, or someone who is much older than you.

Koreans also bow in formal settings when someone is greeting the media, fans, or an audience.

Although to non-Koreans bowing may seem unnecessary, in Korea, it is a sign of respect and acknowledgment.

President Moon Jae In bowing | Newsweek
President Moon Jae In bowing |

Celebrities are no exception to this. Many fans feel this small gesture truly shows the true personality of the person.

Jang Na Ra |
Son Ye Jin |

Actor Kim Woo Bin’s popularity soared after media outlet Dispatch revealed this clip of the actor bowing to an older valet.

Kim Woo Bin | Dispatch

With this said, it isn’t surprising that BLACKPINK’s Lisa has won the hearts of many Koreans.

She is known for her sweet personality and respect for Korean culture.

Lisa |

On June 28, the idol gave another reason for Korean fans to fall in love with her all over again.

Fresh off her tour-de-CELINE with fellow superstars actor Park Bo Gum and BTS‘s V, the idol arrived in Korea.

BTS’s V, BLACKPINK’s Lisa, and Park Bo Gum. | AP Photo/Francois Mori

Despite being tired, the idol greeted the fans who had been waiting for her with smiles.

Netizens were most impressed when the idol bowed to her fans and the media.

In a post that has been viewed 160K times, a netizen writes how much they were impressed by Lisa.

In the post titled, “Lisa Must Be Really Kind,” the netizen writes about their newfound appreciation for Lisa.

I saw Lisa returning from the Celine event in Paris on youtube, and although she must have been tired, she greeted fans and waived to them. Even in Paris, she was always smiling. Honestly, I didn’t really care for her, but now I really like her.

— Netizen

Netizens also agreed in the comment section, where they showered the idol with appreciation.

  • “I heard she was defrauded out of ₩1.70 billion KRW (about $1.32 million USD), but she still didn’t want him to go to jail and settled with him outside of the courts. There must have been many hard moments for her since coming to Korea at such a young age, but she seems so appreciative of Korea and its culture! She is always so bright, full of energy, has good manners, is great at what she does, and makes a lot of money. YG has themselves an angel. She’s amazing and really cool! She is the treasure of K-Pop.”
  • “You know she’s sweet by just looking at how she handled her manager’s situation.”
  • “Lisa has always been like that.”
  • “I’m just worried she’s too nice… Because of being so nice, she was targeted by scammers like her manager.”
  • “There is literally nothing to hate about Lisa.”
  • “This is the real her. If someone changes because they are at the top, that’s their true character.”
  • “Whenever I see Lisa, I get good vibes.”

It seems Lisa is winning over the hearts of fans all over the world! Are you a fan? Stay tuned for updates on the upcoming return of Lisa and her supergroup BLACKPINK!

Source: Dispatch and Nate Pann