BLACKPINK’s Lisa Chooses The Member Who Is Most Likely To Get Married First

Can you guess her pick?

BLACKPINK finally returned to the K-Pop scene on October 2 with their first full-length album The Album. As part of their marketing efforts to hype up the release, the girls released a YouTube Originals exclusive footage for BLINKs.

They started off by playing an exciting game of “Which Member Would?”

They were each asked a variety of questions and were made to pick the member who best fits the given scenario. Member Lisa was first up to answer.

When asked which member will get married first, Lisa gasped and seriously considered her answer.

She laughed as she exclaimed that it was difficult to make a choice…

…But she had zero hesitation as she pointed to Jennie!

After Lisa finished her turn and they put their hands down, Jisoo asked who was picked, saying that it’s actually Lisa who might get married first.

She then joked that Lisa picked herself, and Lisa could only laugh.

Were you able to guess Lisa’s answer?

You can watch the entire video below: