BLACKPINK’s Lisa Cried At The Ontario Concert When She Saw This BLINK

It was an extremely emotional moment

BLACKPINK are currently in the midst of their “In Your Area” world tour in North America.

They have just finished giving a performance at the Hamilton Concert in Ontario, Canada.

The girls all gave incredible performances and each member had a solo with Lisa showing her talents as one of the best dancers in K-Pop.

But as talented and electric as Lisa is as a performer, BLINKs know that offstage she is different.

Lisa’s natural personality is caring and sweet and she loves meeting BLINKs dearly.

But at the Hamilton concert, one fan caught Lisa’s eye.

While she was waving to the crowd, Lisa noticed that there was a blind BLINK who was enjoying the performance.

When she saw this, Lisa immediately burst into tears.

So much of K-Pop is based on the visuals. A lot of idols generate their popularity based on their stunning appearances, their stylish photoshoots and jaw-dropping choreography.

But although this BLINK couldn’t enjoy these aspects of BLACKPINK, it was clear that BLACKPINK are so talented that he became a fan.

This must have provided reassurance to Lisa that while they may be beautiful and while their choreography is spot on, BLACKPINK is incredibly strong in other areas too.

Their singing is emotive and enjoyable while their rapping is hard. BLACKPINK’s personalities are also fun-spirited and their bond is unbreakable.

Music is truly a universal language that transcends cultural and linguistic barriers.

BLINKs have also been praising Jennie who saw how emotional Lisa was from seeing this and went over to hug her.

As talented as these girls are, they are always there for each other and for their fans.

And it shows that BLINKs are not there because BLACKPINK are stunning, although that is a bonus.

BLINKs are there for BLACKPINK because they are an amazingly talented and hard-working group.