BLACKPINK’s Lisa Is Now The Most Followed K-Pop Artist On Instagram

Congratulations, Lisa!

BLACKPINK has been breaking records with their latest single, “KILL THIS LOVE”.

Main dancer, Lisa, now has a new record to her name–she is the most followed K-Pop artist on Instagram, with a whopping 17.4 million followers.

Lisa’s instagram account, @lalalalisa_m, surpassed the previous holder of the record, EXO‘s Chanyeol. Chanyeol (@real_pcy) currently has 17.4 million followers as well.

The members of BLACKPINK are all within the top 10 for the highest number of instagram followers, for a K-Pop act. Jennie places 5th with 15.1 million followers, while Rosé (13.2 million) and Jisoo (12.7 million) are placed 9th and 10th respectively.

BLINKs couldn’t get enough of this amazing piece of news, creating a new hashtag (#LISA_MostFollowedKpopIdol) to celebrate her achievement.

Congratulations, Lisa!